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Major League Cricket MLC Tickets Booking Online 2023, Ticket Prices, How to buy tickets online or offline with best seat price

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Fans can secure their seats for the inaugural season of Major League Cricket in the USA

The highly anticipated Major League Cricket (MLC) is gearing up for its inaugural season in the United States of America, and cricket enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to this significant development for the sport in the country. With the tournament set to provide a captivating experience, fans are keen to know how they can purchase tickets and be a part of this historic event.

The MLC matches will be hosted at two stadiums: the Grand Prairie Stadium in Texas and Church Street Park in Morrisville, North Carolina. The inaugural season has been divided into three rounds, with the first round matches scheduled to take place in Texas, followed by the second round in Morrisville. The playoffs will return to the Grand Prairie Stadium for the third and final round.

Kicking off the MLC history, the Texas Super Kings will face off against the Los Angeles Knight Riders in the very first match. Excitement is already building, and tickets for both the opening match and the entire Texas round are now available for purchase.

How to Buy MLC 2023 Tickets?

To secure tickets for MLC 2023, fans can visit the official MLC website, where tickets for all the group stage matches are available. The website offers options to purchase match-wise tickets for the first round in Texas, as well as tickets for the entire Texas round. Similarly, for the Morrisville round, fans can buy match-wise tickets or opt for a complete round pass for all the group stage matches at Church Street Park.

To purchase tickets for the Grand Prairie Stadium in Texas, fans can visit the official MLC website and click on the designated link. For tickets to Church Street Park in Morrisville, the website provides a separate link for fans to make their purchase.

MLC 2023 Ticket Prices

The ticket prices for the inaugural MLC 2023 season vary depending on the respective stadiums.

Grand Prairie Stadium Ticket Prices

At the Grand Prairie Stadium, tickets are categorized into three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Silver category offers the most affordable tickets, while Platinum tickets are the highest-priced.

Ticket prices vary based on the matches. For the opening match between the Texas Super Kings and the Los Angeles Knight Riders, the minimum ticket price is $30, and the maximum is $98, which covers two matches of the day when applicable.

The round pass for the Grand Prairie Stadium, covering the first eight group stage matches, starts at a minimum of $158 (Silver) and goes up to a maximum of $515 (Platinum).

Buy Tickets at Grand Prairie Stadium in Texas

Church Street Park Ticket Prices

Church Street Park in Morrisville will host seven group stage matches. The minimum ticket prices for this stadium range from $12 to $15, while the maximum prices for Bleacher seats range from $24 to $30.

Similar to the Grand Prairie Stadium, a round pass is available for Church Street Park, priced at a minimum of $73 for all seven matches.

Buy Tickets at Church Street Park in Morrisville

Fans who want to enjoy good cricket in the US can now secure their seats and be part of history as Major League Cricket unfolds its inaugural season. With a range of ticket options and affordable prices, the MLC promises an engaging and thrilling experience for all attendees. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness the birth of a new era for cricket in the United States.