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Ticket Booking for Cricket Matches, Cricket World Cup, The Ashes, IPL and More

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to cricket match ticket booking. This is your one-stop destination for securing a place at the world’s most exciting cricket matches. Navigating the ticket buying process can sometimes be confusing, especially for first-timers. Therefore, we’ve put together an easy-to-understand resource that will help you secure a ticket to your favorite cricket match, whether through online booking portals or offline at the stadium. Be it national or international matches, T20 leagues or Test matches, your journey to witness the thrill and sportsmanship of cricket starts here.

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Cricket Match Booking Process

Booking a ticket for a cricket match involves a few key steps. Firstly, it is crucial to identify the match you wish to attend. Once you’ve found the right match, you can check for the availability of tickets from a reliable source. This could be either an online platform or a physical ticket booth at the stadium. After you’ve secured your ticket, it’s essential to verify the match’s date, time, and venue. Be sure to understand the ticket delivery options, whether digital or physical, and the entry requirements at the stadium.

How to Book Your Tickets:

1 – Select a Match

Explore the schedule below to choose the match you’re interested in. You’ll find a comprehensive list of both domestic and international fixtures.

2 – Choose Your Seats

Once you’ve selected a match, you’ll be able to view the stadium layout. Select your preferred section and seats. Want to feel the players’ energy up close or enjoy an aerial view from the top? The choice is yours.

3 – Make a Payment

Add your selected tickets to the cart and proceed to checkout. We accept all major credit/decks, PayPal, and a variety of other payment methods. Our payment portal is secured and encrypted to ensure your data’s safety.

4 – Get Your Tickets

After successful payment, you’ll receive an e-ticket in your registered email. You can either print this ticket or show it on your smartphone at the entrance.

Ticketing Partners & Platforms

A variety of online platforms and ticketing partners are available for cricket match bookings. Some of the most popular include BookMyShow, Ticketmaster, and StubHub. These platforms often have user-friendly interfaces that guide you through the ticket booking process step-by-step. These websites and apps also often provide information about the matches, the teams, the players, and the stadiums. It’s worth checking out a few different platforms to compare ticket prices and seat locations before making a decision.

Booking Offline at the Stadium

For those who prefer a more traditional method, tickets can usually be bought in person at the stadium. This option may also be necessary if tickets are sold out online or if the event doesn’t offer online ticketing. When buying tickets offline, it’s essential to visit the official ticket counter and avoid third-party sellers who might sell counterfeit tickets.

Ticket Delivery Options

Depending on the ticketing platform, you may receive your tickets in different ways. Online purchases often provide e-tickets that you can print at home or show on your phone at the event. Some platforms might offer home delivery for a physical ticket, usually for an additional fee. If you’re buying at the stadium, you’ll receive a physical ticket on the spot.

Entry Requirements

When you attend the match, you’ll typically need to show your ticket at the entry gate. If it’s an e-ticket, ensure your phone has enough battery to display the ticket. Some matches might also require a form of ID, so bring that along just in case. Amidst the current global scenario, health and safety regulations like wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and presenting a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination proof might be in place. It’s advisable to check the latest entry requirements before heading to the stadium.

Key Tips to Book Online Tickets for Cricket Matches

  1. Book early: Cricket matches, especially major ones, can sell out quickly. It’s best to book your ticket as soon as they go on sale.
  2. Keep an eye on discount deals: Sometimes, online platforms offer early bird discounts or special offers. Subscribe to their newsletters or download their app to stay updated.
  3. Verify ticket authenticity: If you purchase a ticket from a third party, ensure it’s an authentic ticket to avoid disappointment.
  4. Understand the refund policy: Before purchasing, understand the platform’s refund policy. This is particularly important during unpredictable times where matches might be postponed or canceled.